Our doors are open to people from all walks of life, and all sorts of church backgrounds,
no matter where they might be on their spiritual journey. You will soon find that this is
a place where you can feel at home, even if you’ve never been to church before.

Cabool Christian Church: Who We Are

An Active Church

CCC has activities for people of every age. Worship services, special events, youth and children’s ministries, adult Bible fellowships, mission trips, community involvement, groups for men and women, summer camps… These are just a few of the ways in which we lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

A Bible-Based Church

At CCC, we are focused on the Bible. Everything we need to know about God, about life, about our origins, about our destiny, about knowing right from wrong, can be found in the Bible. God inspired it, and it is the final authority for everything we do as Christians and as a church.

A Community Church

For years, CCC has had an influence upon the community of Cabool.  We seek to increasingly be an instrument of God’s love and grace to our neighbors and the people of these communities.

A World-Wide Church

CCC has a long history of supporting the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. We take seriously the Lord’s command to “make disciples of all the nations.”

A Christian Church

Our message is “Jesus.” He was crucified for our sins. He rose from the grave and gives people new life. He alone is Lord and Savior. The church belongs to Him.

A Sharing Church

We share our faith and love with as many as we can reach and our possessions as persons who know that everything we have belongs to God to be used for His purposes.

A Restoration Movement Church

We are part of what is called the Restoration Movement. Started almost 200 years ago, the Restoration Movement strives to “do church” like it is displayed in the New Testament; nothing more, nothing less. As such, we have no bishops or superintendents or national headquarters. We elect our own church leaders, call and support our own ministers, and decide where our mission support will go. We are not isolationists, though. Our congregations freely associate with one another to accomplish tasks too big for one congregation alone.

A Welcoming Church

We would love to have you serve the Lord with us here at CCC as we strive to grow in our faith and maturity in Christ.